Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Review: Groovy Hair Salon

I've avoided going to the hairdressers for several years now due to a series of disasters, but I decided I really did need a trim as 4 years of home bleaching, straightening and trimming doesn't leave you with the neatest hair style!

I booked in to Groovy because of its proximity to central London and its excellent reviews on Wahanda. Initially they said they'd have to re-arrange the time I'd attempted to book for, but before I'd even managed to pick a new time they told me they'd moved some things around and were able to fit me in after all!

I think it might be easiest to split this up into the pros and cons of my visit:

- I selected the female hairdresser when I made my booking, she initially washed my hair but after my conditioning treatment was complete she was busy with another client, so instead one of the male hairdressers ended up cutting my hair (minor niggle as he actually turned out to be very good)
- The hair conditioning and scalp treatment was nice but if you book it in store it's an additional £10 and I'm not sure it's quite worth that, included in Wahanda's £35 is great though :)
- Very small hair salon, unluxurious decor
- Somewhat uncomfortable seating at the hair washing station

- Even though I arrived 15 minutes early they saw to me as soon as I walked in through the door
- Was offered tea and coffee on arrival
- The conditioning treatment included a short head massage which was lovely
- All staff were friendly
- They really took the time and effort to cut and dry my hair just right, approaching it from all angles to make sure it was really neat and even
- Listened to my request to not cut off too much (too many times I've asked for "a trim" and ended up with more of a bob!
- Was given plenty of advice on how to keep my hair in good condition
- The use one of my favourite hair brands; Redken

The day after my cut:
Groovy Hair Salon, London, haircut, hair care, conditioning treatment, salon, head massage

All in all it was a very positive experience and I'll definitely book there again. Currently Wahanda offer a wash, conditioning treatment, cut and blowdry for an amazing £32-£40 (depending on hair length) for new customers - I'd absolutely recommend it!


  1. Your hair looks great! I want your hair colour so bad x

    1. Haha Chloe, I actually used the same dye as you used in one of your reviews after being impressed by your hair!! :) it's one of my upcoming posts! xx

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