Monday, 2 December 2013

Review: Bleach Blonde Halo Hair Extensions

Halo, Miracle Wire, long hair, blonde hair

A few months ago I tried hair extensions for the first time, and whilst I was impressed with my budget find of Leo Bancroft's synthetic hair extensions, I eventually found them quite time consuming to maintain due to the synthetic strands tangling quite easily, and over time it became more and more obvious that they were fake. I almost gave up on hair extensions until I saw Halo's unique design.

Halo currently stock 25 different shades of these extensions and offer a colour matching service if you send in your photo. A bit concerned that the 'Bleach Blonde' shade might be too dark and golden for my silver-toned pale hair, I sent off my photo. I soon received a very useful reply letting me know that they would choose that shade for me, but it would need some toning. Pleased with their helpfulness and honesty, I put in an order which was dispatched the same day for free next day delivery.

I also wasn't sure which length to go for, they suggested 16" (they also offer 12", 20" and 24" for the Bleach Blonde Halo) and a look through their gallery confirmed this was the length I wanted; chest length. The Halo is made from 100% remy human hair which means it has been prepared so that every strand flows in the same direction so that it blends naturally with your own hair. The Halo is around 10" wide and been quadruple wefted.

Halo, Miracle Wire, hair extentions

When it arrived I was suprised to find some extra goodies in the package; a metal tail comb, shampoo and conditioner minis and finally a clip. It also comes with full, illustrated instructions on how to wear the Halo.

how to, guide, Halo, Miracle Wire

My suspicions were correct however, the Bleach Blonde extensions were a little too dark and golden for my hair, so I decided to risk dying and toning them - I'll be doing a step by step post for this shortly, but it's worth mentioning that if you do decided to dye your Halo extensions, you do so at your own risk as Halo cannot guarantee the effect of dyes/bleaches.

Halo, Miracle Wire, long hair, blonde hair

So what makes the Halo different is how you wear it! Instead of damaging glues or time consuming clips, the Halo features a 'Miracle Wire' that loops around the crown of your head. Once on you can tighten the wire to fit your head comfortably and securely, then use the metal tailed comb to pull your own hair out from under the wire to disguise the wire and keep the extensions in place. I was really impressed with how easy and quick this was, taking less than a minute.

Halo, Miracle Wire, long hair, blonde hair

So here are the end results after I'd dyed and toned my Halo extensions:

Halo, Miracle Wire, long hair, blonde hair
With the 16" Halo Hair Extensions
Halo, Miracle Wire, long hair, blonde hair
My natural length

I am so thrilled with the end result! The miracle wire is a really effective and discrete way of wearing hair extensions. They feel secure enough (although I don't think I'd go bungee jumping in them!). The quality of the extensions is fantastic, the double weft looks really strong and the hair is silky smooth and naturally straight. As these extensions are real hair, you can also use your own styling tools with them (like with your real hair; heat protectors are recommended).

The cost of the Halo varies depending on length, but this 16" Bleach Blonde set sells for £89.99. Halo says that the extensions can last around 3 to 6 months and I've seen some reviews that say they're still going strong after 6 months! Either way I'd gladly pick up more of these in the future.

Halo, Miracle Wire, long hair, blonde hair

Halo, Miracle Wire, long hair, blonde hair

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