About Hannah


I'm Hannah, a 24-year-old who works as a Software Quality Engineer for Sony. I'm originally from Wales, but now I live in London. Aside from make up, I love fashion, fitness, movies, travelling, video games and shopping.

Why did I start blogging?

For a long time I have sought out the reviews of bloggers for many of the products I buy. When coming across a new make up product, I'll take out my phone and do a quick google before I take it to the till. My interest in make up started early, with the release of 'Sabrina's Secrets' magazine which gave away make up with each issue. Since then I've been continually trying out new products and styles, hoping to find some gems, so I felt it made sense for me to contribute to the blogging scene.

What do I blog about?

Here you'll find a range of beauty related reviews, swatches and ideas that I'd like to share. I'm also really into nail art so I'll be sure to post loads of tutorials! To show a little more of my personality, I occasionally throw in the odd health and fitness advice/post - all related to helping you look and feel better :)

Which brands and products can you expect to be featured?

Some of my current personal favourite brands include Benefit, BareMinerals, Redken, Sleek and Models Own, but I'm always on the lookout for other products so you can expect to see a whole range of brands here! Some of my favourite make up products to review are nail polishes, lipsticks and concealers, but I use almost all types of make up. As for skin care, my interests mainly lie in cleansers, moisturisers and masques.

What are my main beauty concerns?

Finding make up for pale skin! Covering dark shadows under my eyes. Concealing spots when they crop up. Not having a bold enough lip! Unpainted nails! Boring hair! Damaged and dull hair.

How to get in touch?

If you want to get in touch, check out my Contact & Social Networks page where you'll find mini feeds of all my social networks and a variety of ways to contact me!

Want to read more?

I posted about my blogging origin story here which runs from my very first make up kit right up to the current day :)


  1. I am really interested in what you do maybe you can give me some advise considering i am only 13 i really want to become a make up artist and a beauty guru !!! XX

  2. please tell me, what foundation is your favourite? Your skin looks perfect.