Tuesday, 13 August 2013

John Frieda Salon Shine Hairdryer

I upgraded to this John Frieda Salon Shine hairdryer a few months ago and I've been really happy with its performance.

It's very quick at drying my hair, usually taking less than 5 minutes. It has 4 heat settings in total - 3 heat adjusters and an additional 'cold shot' for setting your style (which I also find very useful for cooling down after drying my hair on a hot day!). It also has 2 speed settings, although I never use the weaker option.

When drying my hair, I tend to gradually work my way down the heat settings, starting at the highest until I eventually finish with a cold shot to set. This consistently leaves me with sleek, shiny and relatively straight hair, lessening the need to straighten it afterwards. I recommend running through some Orofluido Hair Exlixir before drying as it really helps to deliver beautiful results.

The hairdryer is neither particularly noisy or quiet when in use. One of the things I find really useful is the long cord, making it much easier to manoeuvre around with ease.

The downside of this blowdryer is that it's fairly big and heavy. This is definitely not a great travel option, which is unfortunate because I hate having to 'downgrade' when I go away! I actually removed some clothing  from my suitcase for my last holiday just so I could fit this in!

Overall though I would definitely recommend buying this hairdryer for use at home.

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