Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Laqa & Co. Fat Lip Pencil

Having never tried any of the lip pencils on the market I was happy to receive this Laqa & Co. Fat Lip Pencil in my August Birch Box. Luckily I'd been sent the colour I'd have picked if I'd had a choice; Ring of Fire - a bright berry-red shade.

The shape of the pencil makes it very easy to apply with precision. It goes on smoothly, with a good covering of colour. It's not as bold as some of my other red shades but I think it's perfect when you fancy wearing subtle red, not too daring.

I usually wear red as a lip stain which can look horrible as the day goes on, it tends to peel off in rather than fade leaving unsightly lips. Difficult to remove when you want to too! This however fades through some nice pink shades and is much easier to remove.

This lip pencil lasted pretty well on me, the first shot taken as soon as I applied in the morning, the 2nd 5 hours later after lunch and the third when I was leaving work. Overall not bad considering it's not a lip stain and I didn't reapply!

As for the down side, it easily leaves lipstick marks on glasses and the lid isn't secure enough for my liking, I'd not want to leave it free-roaming in my handbag!

Overall I liked this product and I wouldn't dismiss buying it again (available from Cute Cosmetics for £13.00)

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