Monday, 2 September 2013

Review: Blinc Eyeliner

black liner liquid brush eyes review
I recently received this Blinc Eyeliner and whilst I'm faithful to my currently black liner (a surprisingly good budget liquid liner from 2True available from Superdrug) I gave this a go to see if it could convert me.

Blinc claims that this eyeliner doesn't fade, smudge, run or flake and lasts all day. It's waterproof and doesn't require make up remover to take off, supposedly you're able to slide it off with your fingers and warm water at the end of the day, due to it being a "layer of colour" rather than a staining liquid. These are quite bold claims, so was it up to the test?

black liner liquid brush eyes review

The packaging of this sample product is quite sleek and cute, closely resembling the small perfume sample vials you can get, perfect for popping in your handbag. The applicator is a long, thin brush which isn't my favourite for applying liquid eyeliner, preferring the precision of a short, pointed, firm tip that allows you to press it against your skin without a splaying brush. Nevertheless it was still relatively easy to line my eyes with and allowed me to create precise flicks at the ends.

The packaging says that this eyeliner is safe for crying and eye rubbing; however as a eyeliner addict I've long since trained myself out of doing either of those when I have make up on, so unfortunately I can't vouch for those claims! It did stay on very well throughout normal daily use. It didn't flake at all, which is particularly useful as I've recently started wearing contact lenses and just the tiniest spec of make up in my eye will cause a whole lot of hassle. There was no smudging to be seen and the lines stayed precise and vibrant all day.

Upon removal, I didn't find it slid off as easily as described, but it did come off without leaving any stain or residue, which is useful. I'd definitely use this eyeliner again, my only niggle being the brush.

This eyeliner is available from the Blinc website for £19.50 where it also comes in dark blue, medium brown, grey and purple.

black liner liquid brush eyes review

(Disclosure: Product was a gift from a friend)