Friday, 2 August 2013

The easiest way to long, flowing hair?


So, as some of my posts may have portrayed, I've been on a 10 year quest for long, glamorous blonde hair. Admittedly, some things I do really don't help with this; lightening my blonde and straightening too, but I couldn't bring myself to give those up for years for something that might not even happen. Nevertheless, I try my best to lessen then impact with, always on the hunt for the best conditioning products for heat/colour treated hair.

However today I happened to be doing some grocery shopping in Tesco, and on a compulsory wander down the beauty aisles, some full clip-in hair extensions by Leo Bancroft caught my eye. Initially I scoffed, I've always avoided hair extensions, considering them to be just too fake for me....but they looked like they might be a pretty good match for my platinum blonde hair, a rarity as I've only ever seen ones that are a darker/golden blonde before.

Premium Hair Extensions Collection Leo Bancroft review blonde

They were £29, great if they worked, but a waste of money that I shouldn't really be spending if they turned out to be horrible! I did a quick Google search on my phone for reviews, to no avail. So I took them to the nearest mirror to check out how they'd match alongside. They passed the test, so I dropped them in my shopping basket.
Premium Hair Extensions Leo Bancroft curls curly

I rushed home to try them out and I was pleasantly surprised.

There were 6 sections in total:
  • 2x four clip sections for the base and the middle, all the way round from behind the ears
  • 2x two clip sections for the top (well, a few inches below the roots), for just behind the ears
  • 2x one clip sections for right above your ears at the front
It came with a handy diagram of where to clip them, as well as instructions to lightly backcomb your roots if you find your hair too slippery/fine to hold them, however despite my fairly silky hair this didn't seem to be a problem.

The box also states that you can brush them with a wide tooth comb, shampoo and condition them and even heat style up to 170°. I had no idea you could do that with synthetic hair!

Premium Hair clip-in extentions Leo Bancroft platinum blondePremium Hair clip-on hair extentions Leo Bancroft blonde waves

So I clipped them all in, following all the instructions. I found it surprisingly easy and it took about 5 minutes in total, much quicker than actually styling my hair! I have to admit, I was astounded by the results. They were completely convincing. The only thing I was unhappy with was the fact that I was home alone and I wanted to show off my lovely new long hair! I've yet to see how well they stay for longer periods, but I'm definitely going to be finding out!

Anyway, for anyone considering trying out some hair extensions, I highly recommend these from the Premium Hair Collection by Leo Bancroft. £29 is an incredible price for these and I'm likely to buy at least another set (perhaps after pay day!). I purchased the platinum blonde set, but they're also available in blonde, mid brown, brown and darkest brown. They all have a subtle variation in tone, just enough to blend in with your hair.

So, I suppose it's time for some before and after shots:

beauty blog blonde girl hair extensions curls blogger beauty blogger girl blog blonde hair extensions platinum blonde waves curls

girls blonde girl beauty blog blogger hair extensions platinum waves curls curly clip-in

Have you tried any hair extensions? Do you have any brands you recommend? Do you prefer synthetic or real hair? 


  1. Sorry, I am commenting on all your posts now haha. These look amazing, I am after some cheap hair extensions just to wear everyday and often struggle as like you I am very blonde! They look so natural on you, is the store you purchased these from a large Tesco? Think I'll go have a nose round my local store!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

    1. Hah thanks, I really appreciate it, losing all my comments because of Google+'s crappy integration sucks :(

      Yeah it is one of the Tesco megastores, in their hair accessories range. I've not visited any other Tescos so I'm not sure how big the store needs to be for them to stock them.

      These can get quite tangled after day of wear (usually if it's a hot day or if you've been out dancing!) but at least they're affordable to buy multiple sets.

  2. I wish we had Tesco's here in Canada. I have thought about extensions before but like you, I have always been hesitant. Its hard to find good quality and relatively inexpensive platinum blonde ones here, but I'd love to try some!
    Great blog by the way, I just found you through a Google search for Orifluido products!

    1. Ah yeah, I know that feeling! I wish we had Sephora over here (although I'm not sure if they're in Canada?). I never expected to find something like this in Tesco though!

      Thank you :)

    2. We do have Sephora here in Canada, luckily! Not much else though, haha. I love Sephora but I am like a kid in a candy store when I am in there and spend way too much money all the time :)