Saturday, 17 August 2013

Models Own Ice Neon Collection

I'm a big fan of Models Own nail polishes. They consistently offer on-trend, good quality nail varnishes without an excessive price tag. I make an effort to try out every range they release and the Ice Neon collection was no exception. I first tried them out in the Models Own Bottleshop in Westfield, London, where a member of staff kindly painted all 5 shades on for me. Whilst they come in some great shades, their opacity is fairly low and this varnish clearly needs several coats (3-5) to get full coverage.

I ended up buying all 5 colours anyway, which includes Pukka Purple, Bubblegum, Pink Punch, Toxic Apple, Luis Lemon! In the Bottleshop they offer 5 polishes for £20, which you can also get online.

nails notd nailart models own Luis Lemon nail polish varnish review swatches
Luis Lemon over white base coat

My tip for maximising the potential for this polish is to apply it over a white base coat as it helps bring out the neon glow and lessens the need for so many coats.

My favourite shade is the Luis Lemon, this is definitely the most neon of the bunch and it certainly draws attention. It also glows strongly under black light.

nails notd nailart models own bubblegum pink nail polish varnish review swatches
Gradient with Bubblegum Pink

You might be wondering why this collection has Ice in the title, well this is because Models Own suggest you leave these nail varnishes in the fridge to retain their bright colours. Whilst I followed this advice for a while, I eventually got fed up of them taking up valuable food space so I've taken them out. They seem fine so far.

Overall, I know I'll be using these polishes a lot as they provide some key bright colours for any nail art fan and look amazing in any ombre/gradient manis, and of course they're bang on trend with all the neon fashion trends out right now.

nails notd nailart models own Luis Lemon Toxic Apple nail polish varnish review swatches
Combination of Luis Lemon, Toxic Apple and a mint
green polish from Topshop, over a white base coat


  1. These polishes are so pretty & your nails are to die for :D

  2. I came so close to buying these for the summer but decided against it, now I wish I hadn't. I'm in love with the yellow, so bright it hurt my eyes lol. Love it :)