Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Review: Azature Green Diamond Nail Polish

NOTD, diamond nail polish, black diamond

I couldn't resist buying one of Azature's beautiful, sparkling nail polishes. They all look so beautiful but I settled on just trying one in one of my most favourite colours; emerald green.

These polishes really have an intense, high pigment colour and require very few coats for full coverage. The results are really outstanding with a shimmer that really captures the light. I don't think I've seen any photos of this polish that truly do it justice.

NOTD, diamond nail polish, black diamond, swatches

As for staying power I'd say it was average, the polish lasted me 2 days before beginning to chip.

Unfortunately there is a downside to this polish; removal. Instead of my cotton pad soaked in nail polish remover actually absorbing the colour, it seems to merely push the colour all over my hands. It takes a while (and a few cotton pads) to actually get rid of this polish and even then my hands and nails are tinged with a not-so-attractive green tint.

Overall I'm happy with my purchase, the pros outweigh the cons for me and the results really are some of my favourites from my whole polish collection, just be prepared for a lengthy removal!

Azature comes in at £17 and is available from Selfridges and they've recently added some beautiful pastel shades to their range which I definitely hope to try out in the future.

NOTD, diamond nail polish, black diamond swatches


  1. I've never heard about the brand but the shade is lovely a genuinely pine green polish, it would look great with some shimmery top coats too. Xx


    1. Yeah, it's a pretty quiet brand it seems, exclusive to just a few stores. I came across it whilst browsing in store at Selfridges.

  2. What a lovely colour. Perfect for this time of year too! X

  3. Such a pretty nail polish! Love it! x